About Sabotage
Sabotage pictures the constant fight of order versus chaos. It takes shape of a series of real time animations that move pixels in a simple but oddly surprising way. Central to the animation are various sets of patterns such as grids, lines and gradients that are arranged on the canvas to create an initial state of order. The rows start to shift to the left and right and in the middle of the canvas, the 'saboteur' is shifting pixels from the top to the bottom to manipulate the order of the patterns. The process runs endlessly and mixes pixels into new compositions while also restructuring the order on its edges.
Each work has been composed by the artist via parametric settings in a web tool, coded by the artist himself. Additional to the Main Series there is a limited edition Custom Series that will be created in a video chat with the artist and the collector, where the collector is invited to influence the artist's decisions and the outcome.
As final act, the Editor itself is offered for minting. The owner of the Editor will gain control over the main series and can be a 'saboteur' while being able to alter the artworks. The initial state of each artwork is safely preserved and can be recovered by the editor's owner or artist.
Kim Asendorf, 2022
NFTs are available for minting on the Ethereum blockchain via a custom smart contract written by the artist. The MetaMask wallet is required to connect and mint directly from this website. Minting starts on Wednesday, 09.03.2022, 20:00 CET.
If the Editor has not been minted within the next 24 months, it will be disconnected from the main series and become a standalone tool that will be auctioned. Eventually the entire project will move over to IPFS.
  • Main Series Token 1-256 - Ξ0.25
  • Custom Series Token 1001-1008 - Ξ0.5
  • Editor Token 0 - Ξ64.0
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Technical Notes
The real time animations have been programmed with WebGL (GLSL/JS) and are visually optimized for large screen presentations. The animations aim to run at 60 frames per second to deliver the intended look and feel. The performance is depending on the screen resolution and the pixel size of the artwork, the script is fairly resource intensive and depends especially on a decent graphics card.
Main Series 0/256
Custom Series 0/8
Editor 0/1